Faith Group Stonework


The Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The congregation of around 240 members includes families, singles, student and associate members, and friends.

The Stonework Inspires Storytelling project, a collaboration between the Elizabeth Jarman Foundation and Diana Suskind, was introduced to children during a Chanukah party at the synagogue. One youngster, who created the synagogue as his stone drawing, asked me if he could make it three-dimensional. "Of course," I told him. In the video clip, he made his synagogue two stories high to show that it was a building. He also wanted people to look inside his building so they could see the sanctuary he had made out of stones.


Faith Group Stonework, Bristol and West Progressive Jewish synagogue, UK 
Collaborative research project with The Elizabeth Jarman® Foundation (UK), "Stonework Inspires Storytelling,” 36-37