Imaginative Realm

The accessibility of the stones makes them ideal for stimulating our own imaginations -- superhero, animal god, soldier, and mother.

Once upon a time there was a seven year old girl in a lovely bright pink top that was decorated with white and light pink little circles. With her front tooth missing, she had an infectious smile while engaging in Stonework Play at the Providence Children’s Museum, Providence, Rhode Island. This little girl gathered her stones from the wooden trays, sat down on the ground and started to move her stones to make this story that I would like to share.



Princess and Bear

PrincessThere was a circle of roundish little charcoal gray and light gray stones (the rock wall) and in the middle a larger oblong charcoal gray stone just hanging around (a bear) and outside the circle was a larger stone (a horse) with a littler interesting delicate stone on top. (the princess). Here is the story: “I want to read this,” the seven-year-old girl said to me.

‘Once upon a time there was a pile of rocks and a bear. And then one day a princess came over and a horse. They saw the bear and ran away just in time.”

And now our author designates the stones and the part they played in her story. “This is the princess and this is the horse.” (The larger stone in the forefront is the princess’s horse and the stone on top represents the princess) This is the bear and this is the pile of rocks. ( The bear is in the middle of the circle made of ten stones )



Under the Sea by Amelie

Under The SeaOnce upon a time there lived a mermaid. Her name was Bell. She was a wonderful girl until her father said, ” you will not go out of the sea ever again.

She said ‘no’. Then her father said ‘if you will not obey me you will never play with the fish again.’
But Daddy you can not take that away.’ Oh yes I can. But no more buts or else. What you are going take something away from me? Yes I will.

Then the next day she ran away with four fish and one turtle and one octopus. She lived happily ever after.




The Astronaut & The Rocket by Peter

As and RoThere once was a rocket it had many things in it. The astronaut had a commander. He told him what was on mars that made a sound. It went BOOM BOOM! Then he asked if him if he would go to Mars. He went to Mars and found aliens!

They were nice aliens. On the rocket ship there was a cat named Tom and a mouse named jerry. Tom chased Jerry. Jerry was in the holes on Mars. Jerry hit Tom. The alien gave Jerry cheese. Then, Tom was wrecking the city of aliens.

Then, there was a flying saucer that went to Earth. Then, Tom had an idea! The dog built a robotic thing that sucked up all the people. Then Jerry got into the flying saucer before Tom.