21st Century AD Stonework at 21st Century BC Stonehenge


As part of the farewell to my stay in England, Michael Follett of Outdoor Play and Learning invited me to bring stones to Stonehenge — to initiate a Stonework Play activity in the environment of the most famous stones in the world. Michael’s idea was to celebrate the work we had done together as well as my work with the caregivers and children at the Knowle West Child Development Center.

Imagine, bringing stones to Stonehenge. More than 5,000 years old, the ring of standing stones continues to mystify. Whatever was its purpose? No one is quite sure.

I invited a group of visitors to participate in Stonework Play at the foot of these famous stones. At first, the group was reluctant, but when I suggested the seven of them work on a project together, magic happened. They changed the design several times. When they were satisfied, they took photos of their work, and curious onlookers did as well.

The Stonehenge experience was the first time we had tried Stonework Play in a public space with a random group. I like to think the setting inspired the stonework activity.

Stonehenge Heritage Site, Stonehenge, UK

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