About Diana

Welcome to the Stonework Play Website


Namaste, which, in Nepali, means hello. My name is Diana Suskind. Suskind is an anglicized version of the German "sweet child." This website weaves together the loves of my life: children, fantasy, and travel. 


As a passionate educarer and international advocate for early childhood…

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What is Stonework Play?


 “Stonework Play is a form of creative learning. It engages the senses and animates imagination, allowing each person to tell a story or make a unique pattern suggested by handling the stones. The weight, form and texture of each stone suggest artistic choices that result in…

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How Stonework Began

Humans have used stones to educate the next generation since before recorded history. Bas-relief and three-dimensional sculptures are examples of early stonework play for children. In Nepal, where the lead author of this research has consulted and taught, children have few playthings that are not created…

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The Findings

The Findings


Repeated experiences in stonework in children’s museums, child development centers, education conferences, and family settings have led to the continuation of what began in Kathmandu.

In 2012, the Elizabeth Jarman Foundation in Great Britain, in collaboration with Diana Suskind, conducted the first global research project relating stonework…

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