What is Stonework Play?


 “Stonework Play is a form of creative learning. It engages the senses and animates imagination, allowing each person to tell a story or make a unique pattern suggested by handling the stones. The weight, form and texture of each stone suggest artistic choices that result in original work. 


The importance of Stonework Play is confirmed by Richard Luov’s research that tells us, “Every child needs nature. Not just the ones with parents who appreciate nature...every child.” He warns of the negative impact of a “nature-deprived society.” Stonework Play responds to the idea of nature's power to enrich the imagination. Stonework Play helps the artist, no matter how young, to explore and express emotions, thoughts and feelings through stone arrangements and the stories they elicit. Stones are a kinesthetic medium, never fixed in their place or meaning, the ground an endless canvas, and small hands the brushes that move them.”