Members of the Bookmakers and Dreamers Club are a group of students from Groton-Dunstable Regional School District in Massachusetts. The goal of the group that has span over seven years is to build the biggest book in the world about PEACE.

It looks like the purpose of being in Bookmakers and Dreamers Club made the profound difference of what the child decided to do with the stones across the surface. They wrote about peace and creatively shared it in many ways. It all had to do with ‘Peace” and how they understand and perceive the concept of “Peace. Bookmakers and Dreamers Club definitely did stories through creating animals such as the dove, make believe, good over evil, and no more war anymore.  Using believable science to convey good over evil was very clever. In every instance peace somehow was addressed. It was the magical ingredient and prevalent in everything. And there was an added benefit in that as it happened, individuals came up to me and said “I want to do this in my own classroom and share this with my teacher”, another said “I want to introduce Stonework at Sunday school”.  Another said “I want to do it while babysitting.” They readily became ambassadors using their stonework knowledge for others, making arrangements for their permanent composition of their peace step stones for the school’s garden. It is on hold till spring, when the ground is thawed. I think the children’s ideas of how they want to place their stones permanently have been germinating.

Groton/Dunstable Regional Middle School Peace Club, Groton, MA USA

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